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Contact: The Kisten Sisters
Work Shop 8, Gerber Centre, Koorzen Street, Gants Plaza Strand Cell Phone: 078 287 1290 Website:
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Soulful Herbs and Spices is a family-owned business in Strand supplying affordable herbs and spices.

The inception of Soulful Herbs and Spices came from two sisters who have been working in the field of Natural Medicine.

“We are extremely passionate about healing people and wanted to make a bigger impact on the community through healing, nourishing, and nurturing individuals with the ingredients of food.

Impacting people at a grass root level and aiding them in making lifestyle changes is vital to building a functioning society. Ths we aid the individuals responsible for feeding the family in incorporating herbs and spices into their daily lives by making herbs and spices more accessible.

Alternative medicine generally seeks to impact the body, mind, and soul and because all disease begins in the stomach, this is why we decided to embark on this venture.”

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