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ZoomieZ is a women-owned small business that sells apparel for dogs and humans. Their range currently includes tie-dye hoodies, jackets, and harnesses, and their human range includes hoodies and buffs that match the dog hoodies.

ZoomieZ was started by occupational therapist Danielle Steyn in 2021. She wanted a place where she could be more creative, and her puppy was the key. And so ZoomieZ was born:

“I have a French bulldog puppy named Nacho. I’m sure all dog owners know about the zoomies sessions where they run around at full speed. The ZoomieZ line was inspired by him,” explains Danielle.

“We often have these harnesses that are too heavy or too hot, or they’re just very plain and boring. So that’s where my inspiration came from: Finding something that’s practical and comfortable for dogs (and cats) of all shapes and sizes. And then, of course, to make you match with your fur friends.”


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