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A local lifestyle blog showcasing the best brands, products, and places the beautiful Helderberg basin has to offer.

Hi, I'm Jeanine!

I was raised in Strand, a coastal town located in the area of Cape Town known as the Helderberg. It is an area nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and large mountain ranges, including the Helderberg Mountains (hence the name “Helderberg”). The area shaped like a basin, which is where its nickname “The Helderberg Basin” came from.

When returning home from holidays or weekend getaways, my family and I have to drive down a pass overlooking the basin to get to Strand. It would usually be dark by the time we get there, so we would see the twinkling lights of Gordon’s Bay, Strand, and Somerset West from above. “Paradise!” my father would exclaim the moment he saw the impressive scene. And I couldn’t agree more.

Now, aged 27, I still live here in the Helderberg and I love it more than ever. To me, the beauty of this area is unparalleled: The ocean, long sandy beaches, picturesque mountains, vineyards, nature reserves; what more could you possibly want?

Something else I love about living in the Helderberg is that there is so much to do and see here. From tourist attractions such as wine farms and animal sanctuaries to shopping centres, art galleries and coffee shops, I have never ran out of things to do here. In fact, there is a few of these places I have not even visited before.

When exploring these local gems, I often take my husband Petrie along. Like me, he has an adventurous spirit and can’t sit still for too long on weekends.

I believe in supporting local businesses and inspiring others to do the same. Recently, I’ve started shopping locally instead of supporting retail chains and international brands as much as I can. I try to find local alternatives for everyday items. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it!

Join me on my journey of supporting local and travelling local.

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