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2020 in Review: A List of Things for which I’m Grateful

Happy new year! I think we can all agree that we are glad to say cheers to 2020 – a year of unprecedented hardship, loss, and fear.

Looking back, I mourn the loss and pain that my family and I faced. But a lot of things happened in 2020 for which I am sincerely grateful. These things shaped me and carried me through.

2020: A List of Things for which I’m Grateful

Got my driver’s license

Honesty time: I only got my driver’s license in 2020 at the age of 25.

After years and years of trying and failing, shortly before the dreaded Covid-19 hit our shores, I finally passed my driver’s test. It was one of the happiest moments of my life!

Secured a new job shortly after being retrenched

In July, I was retrenched from a job I loved, which left me feeling absolutely devastated. Luckily, I managed to get a new job only a few days later. Still a marketing position, but in a totally different environment (water treatment). I am eternally grateful for this opportunity.

Got married to the love of my life (twice)

Yes, Petrie and I got married twice: First on 3 October and then on 21 November. We had our somewhat spontaneous lockdown wedding so that we could move in together earlier than originally planned. More on this below.

We bought a house

Amidst all the craziness and uncertainty, Petrie and I decided to take advantage of the buyer’s market and buy a house together, instead of waiting another year as planned. It was a long process, but we now own a perfect little townhouse in Strand, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Joined the MySomersetWest team as social media manager

As part of my mission to support local, I decided to partner with MySomersetWest, a platform that was established during the hard lockdown in order to connect locals with local businesses in the Helderberg basin.

Enjoyed a tropical honeymoon in Umhlanga

With the government imposing bans on international travel (Mauritius was our first choice), my husband and I opted for local travel for our honeymoon. We chose Umhlanga in KwaZulu Natal. We had an absolutely amazing time there!

Had a lovely staycation at San Gabriel Estate

Petrie and I spent a relaxing weekend at San Gabriel Estate outside Somerset West. We stayed in their manor house, which was super fancy. Surrounded by utter tranquillity and beautiful mountain views, San Gabriel is a great place if you’re looking for a guest house where you can simply relax.

Discovered some of Helderberg’s lovely new spots

Some of these local destinations include Pink Valley Wines, Basilei, Helderburger, Tantalize Patisserie, La Cela, and Babette’s Bakery and Eatery.

Local travel is lekker!

Made new friends, both on social media and IRL

Shoutout to each and every new friend that I made in 2020 (you know who you are), both on social media (Gosh I spent a lot of time online this year) and in real life.

Got to wind down with fam at the end of the year in beautiful Stilbaai

Over the December holidays, Petrie and I went to Stilbaai, one of the most beautiful coastal villages in South Africa. We camped with my in-laws and spent a lot of quality time with family. Even though the beach was closed, we still had a very good time.

Blue ocean wave

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