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38 Sweet Valentine’s Ideas: Dates, Girls’ Nights, Me Time & More

It’s the Month of Love, and you have every reason to celebrate sweet love every day. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, ensure that your Valentine’s Month is filled with love & laughter with these creative ideas below.

Romantic Dates

1. Candlelit dinner: Surprise your date with a romantic dinner under the stars; complete with candles, flowers and love songs.

2. Classic dinner: Take your date for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

3. DIY wine tasting: Buy a variety of wines and have your own wine tasting session at home.

4. Movie night: Take it easy and enjoy a feel-good movie together. Don’t forget the snacks!

5. Go play laser tag: If your date is the adventurous type, what about laser tag?

6. Enjoy the view: Drive to your significant other’s favourite lookout spot and have a picnic together.

7. Recreate your first date: Get sentimental and recreate your first-ever date. Spend the evening falling in love all over again!

8. See a band live: Check what bands are playing in your area on Valentine’s Night and grab those last-minute tickets!

9. Stargaze: Find a secluded spot (even if it’s your backyard) and look at the stars together.

10. Dancing: Instead of going to the club, however, attend a ballroom or salsa dancing class with your partner.

11. Scavenger hunt: Make up your own scavenger hunt with fun challenges, sweet messages and sexy prizes.

12. Cook together: Make your favourite home-cooked meal together.

13. Write love letters to each other: Tell them why you fell in love with them and what qualities you admire most. Here are some famous love letters to inspire you.

14. Beer tasting: Spoil your guy by taking him for a beer tasting session.

15. Coffee date: This is an especially good idea if you don’t know your crush that well yet.

16. Chocolate tasting: Attend a master-class in chocolate-making or have your own chocolate tasting at home with those fancy chocolates you’ve never tried before.

17. Wine and chocolate tasting: Turn your chocolate tasting into a wine AND chocolate tasting by either visiting a wine farm that pairs wine with chocolate or create your own combo.

18. Give each other a massage: Give your partner a proper massage with massaging oil, candles, calming music, the works.

Valentine’s Girls’ Night

19. Party the night away: Have a girls’ night out and dance the night away. No boys allowed!

20. Spa Night: Think face masks, manicures, pedicures, shoulder massages…

21. Watch a chick flick: Nothing beats lazy, cosy nights with your besties. Need inspiration? Here’s a list (I personally recommend Breakfast at Tiffany’s, one of my faves).

22. Photoshoot: Dress up in pretty pinks or pastels and head to a picturesque location such as a flower field, a park or the beach. #DoItForTheGram

23. Tea party: Have a High Tea at a fancy hotel or host your own with lots of cake, scones, macarons, eclairs…

24. Build a pillow fort: Because whoever said you were too old for pillow forts are wrong and you don’t need that negativity in your life.

25. Pink drinks with the girls: Go out for drinks with the girls and have pink G&Ts, pink lemonade, strawberry milkshakes, anything as long as it’s PINK.

Friends Group

26. Sing karaoke: Attend your local bar’s karaoke night or host one at your place.

27. Binge-watch scary movies: Maybe you’re not into cheesy romantic comedies right now. That’s okay; watch some horror movies with friends.

28. Valentine’s Night bonfire: Hanging out with friends by the fire, roasting marshmallows and exchanging stories.

29. Game night: Get together with your friends and ask them to bring board games and snacks along.

30. Arts & Crafts: Painting, making friendship bracelets, scrapbooking, making cards, origami, you name it. You can even try V-Day piñatas.

Me Time Spoils

31. Movie night: Watch the soppiest romantic movies you can think of. Cuddles with your pet or a teddy recommended!

32. Send yourself a fancy gift: Send yourself flowers or a fancy gift box. You can order it online from NetFlorist or Bloomable which has awesome suppliers like Geskenk Corporate Gifts

33. Dress up: Dress up in one of your favourite outfits, put on some red lipstick and feel fabulous whether you’re going out or simply having some me-time. Remember to take plenty of photos.

34. Bake something: Bake some cookies, brownies, waffles or whatever you feel like to share with your family or friends.

35. Indulge in ice cream: Treat yourself to a big-ass tub of gourmet ice cream.

36. Self-care pamper session: Take a bubble bath (and don’t forget the candles and rose petals), put on a face mask, and listen to calming music.

37. Watch a comedy: Because laughing is good for the soul and body.

38. Do something crafty: Make a homemade gift or card, redecorate your room, or even just draw or colour.

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