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5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Do you want to get to know me better? Here is a list of five things you probably don’t know about me…

1. I vacationed in Hawaii when I was 6 years old

In 2000, my parents took my younger sister and me on a trip to USA and Canada. Although I was too young to remember much, I am grateful that my parents gave us the opportunity to see more of the world. Hawaii was the destination that stood out for me, with its beaches, warm seawater, tropical plant life, and the cheerful Hawaiian natives and Hula dancers.

2. Our family once had seven cats

One day, my mother brought a stray kitten home from work. We named her Vlooi (Afrikaans for “flea”). We already had Stitch, our ginger cat, at that point. About a year later, we woke up one morning to find Vlooi lying on the living room couch with five babies – but we had had no idea that she was pregnant, as she didn’t get noticeably fatter. Suddenly we had seven cats.

But we sold all of Vlooi’s kittens within about a month, unfortunately. I really liked having so many cats (maybe I’ll just become a cat lady one day).

3. I used to be a lifeguard

One of the biggest adventures of my life was the period when I was a lifeguard.

When I was 18 years old, I decided to become a lifeguard in Strand, my hometown. The training was tough, but eventually, I qualified. I did lifeguarding duty, voluntary as well as paid, for about two years until it became too difficult for me to maintain the level of fitness required to pass the annual retest. I learnt a lot and made some good friends, though. And spending all day on the beach was definitely a pleasure (well, except on the days the wind was too strong).

4. My all-time favourite musical is The Greatest Showman

My mother and I went to watch The Greatest Showman (2017) earlier this year. Although I didn’t expect much, the film turned out to be absolutely amazing. Not to mention the soundtrack, which is so addictive I just can’t get enough. If you haven’t watched The Greatest Showman yet, I definitely recommend it!

My other favourite musicals are La La Land (2016) and Mamma Mia (2008).

5. I want to adopt my children one day

The way I see it, it’s more meaningful to adopt children than to have one’s own children. I would rather help a child in need by giving the child who has nothing a sense of security, a loving family, and a quality education.

Naturally, I’m planning to adopt my pets from the animal welfare agency too.

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