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8 Tips for Road Trips

Road trips can be fun, but, on the other hand, they can just as easily turn into nightmares. Here are some tips to help you make your next road trip as successful as it can be.

1. Plan ahead

Besides deciding on the route you’re going to take, plan your stops too. This makes the trip more time-efficient and prevents confusion and arguments.

Also, if you’re the driver, make sure that you stop enough so that you won’t become fatigued.

Extra tip: For every time that you stop, stretch your legs, arms, and back. You need to take care of your body.

2. Pack a survival kit

Take a survival kit full of travel essentials along on your road trip. The kit should contain things like a first aid kit, tissues, hand sanitizer, bug spray, sunscreen, an umbrella, and emergency cash (e.g. for toll gates). And don’t forget to keep a hoodie nearby.

3. Take a real map along

Google Maps or a GPS works well, but you’ll find that using a real map as well can be great fun. Track your progress by marking your route and stops on the map. When you’re back home, you can put up your map in your room and look back to the great trip you had.

4. Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water has many benefits. It helps you stay awake, it prevents annoying headaches, and it helps you to stay full (so that you can avoid snacking on too much junk food and sweets).

Aim for between 1 and 2 liters of water per day.

5. Play road games

This is a fun way to make a long road trip feel shorter, whether you have kids driving along or not. Some ideas include scavenger hunts, 21 Questions, The Alphabet Categories, and more.

Take a look at this Buzzfeed article for some road trip games: 14 Road Trip Games Adults Will Actually Enjoy

6. Make new friends

Be friendly to the people you meet on the road: petrol station attendants, waiters/waitresses, cashiers… Be bold and join a soccer game at the beach or the park.

Locals know their area best, and they’ll share their town’s most exciting attractions with you once you break the ice.

Extra tip: Take down your new friends’ contact details. It’s great to have pen pals, and maybe you could even show your new friends your hometown when they visit your area.

7. Ask a local where to eat

An interesting part of traveling is discovering new foods. Ask locals you meet along the way what food/restaurants they would recommend to make your local experience unforgettable.

8. Take photos

I am not just referring to Instagram-worthy travel pictures. Take as many photos as you can to capture your special moments. Because road trips are all about making priceless memories.

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