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80 Random Acts of Kindness to Make The World A Happier Place

“Have courage and be kind.” This world of ours needs love. Doing small random acts of kindness goes a long way towards showing the world and those around you some love.

Here are some random ideas to get you started:


1. Leave a sticky note with an affirmation or motivational quote on someone’s mirror.

2. Do the dishes.

3. Give a family member an unexpected hug.

4. Make a family member breakfast in bed.

5. Iron the entire household’s clothes just because.

6. Cook a (grand) meal for your family.

7. Mow the lawn.

8. Offer to do everyone’s grocery shopping.

9. Bake your family a cake for no reason.

10. Water the garden.


11. Throw a surprise birthday party for a friend or acquaintance.

12. Babysit a family friend’s children for free.

13. Lend a friend one of your favourite books.

14. Send a friend a text message to say you’re thinking of them.

15. Write your friend a short ‘n sweet list of things you love about them.

16. Buy something you really want and give it to a friend.

17. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.

18. Make a get-well-soon card for a friend who’s sick.

19. Lend/give a friend one of your favourite CDs.

20. Buy a random friend a pot plant.


21. Make coffee for everyone in the office.

22. Take out a colleague you don’t know very well out for lunch or after-work drinks.

23. Hand out cute pens for free.

24. Compliment your boss.

25. Open the door for someone.

26. Make hot chocolate for a colleague on a cold day.

27. Offer to share your lunch with someone who doesn’t have lunch.

28. Leave a note with an affirmation, motivational quote or compliment on someone’s desk.

29. Help a colleague who’s carrying a lot of stuff.

The Streets

30. Have a deep conversation with a beggar and show that you care.

31. Leave money on a vending machine for someone.

32. Compliment a stranger’s outfit.

33. Pick up litter in the streets.

34. Hide money in random places for strangers to find.

35. Be a nice driver.

36. Compliment a stranger’s hair.

37. Hold the elevator for someone.

38. Buy coffee for the car guard.

39. Give your umbrella to a stranger.

40. Stop to help the person having car trouble.

41. Pay for someone’s bus/train ticket.

42. Let someone go in front of you in line.

43. Help an elderly person cross the street.

44. Give a random stranger a hug.

45. Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru.

46. Hand out a care package or two in the streets.

47. Leave letters of encouragement on random people’s cars.

Your Community

48. Bake cookies for an old age home.

49. Make food at your local homeless shelter.

50. Wash a neigbour’s pet for free.

51. Leave a generous tip at a restaurant, hairdresser, wherever.

52. Hand out (homemade) blankets or scarves.

53. Donate money to the next tip jar you see.

54. Do a 5k for a good cause.

55. Show support to a local artist.

56. Spend a morning at an animal shelter.

57. Donate gifts to an orphanage.

58. Hand out balloons at a local school or children’s home.

59. Plant a tree.

60. Donate books to a children’s hospital.

61. Buy flowers to hand out at a community centre.

62. Help someone move.

63. Donate your old clothes to a homeless shelter or church.

64. Help an elderly person in your neighbourhood with their groceries.

65. Walk a neigbour’s dog.

66. Rake the leaves in someone’s garden.

67. Make dinner for a family in need.

68. Pay for someone’s morning coffee.

69. Participate in a fundraiser.

70. Thank a police officer for their service.

71. Support a new business in the community.

72. Donate your hair after a haircut.


73. Greet a local in their native language.

74. Offer to carry an older person’s luggage at the airport.

75. Compliment an air host on his/her service.

76. Pay someone else’s bill at a restaurant.

77. Leave a copy of your favourite magazine on the bus.

78. Leave some change on a wishing fountain.

79. Send a postcard to the friend who would least expect it.

80. Leave a thoughtful comment at your hotel or guest house.

Can you think of any other random acts of kindness Let’s get this list to 100+!

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