A Weekend of Work and Play in Stillies

Waves, wine and wonders. I spent the weekend in the lovely town of Still Bay with a whole bunch of my favourite people: My colleagues at Nice Touch Media (along with their partners and children) and my family. 

Still Bay (or Stilbaai, affectionately known as “Stillies”) is a seaside town along the southern coast of South Africa, about four hours’ drive from Cape Town. 

It’s one of my favourite towns in South Africa.


The Deep Blue. Photo: Myself

Still Bay’s main attraction is, without a doubt, the ocean. Serene beaches border the quaint town, with beautifully powerful waves kissing the shore.

Surfers are crazy about Still Bay, making it the perfect venue for the hottest surfing contest in town: Vintner’s Surf Classic.

Vintner’s Surf Classic 2018

Christo Le Riche (Le Riche Wines). Photo: Thys Lombard

The Vintner’s Surf Classic is a surf contest held at Still Bay (or Jongensfontein its neighbour) annually. 

On Friday, a group of 65 of the coolest local wine experts gathered to surf and to enjoy each other’s company and wine.

What makes this competition truly unique is that only individuals from the local wine industry are allowed to compete.

This year, Nice Touch Media is VSC’s official media partner, meaning that it is our job to advertise and recap the event on social media.

Besides filming and photographing all the action, we also provided free coffee on the day to warm up the surfers and spectators.

Janneman Solms
Janneman Solms (Fanakalo Wines). Photo: Myself

The day ended with a prize giving at The Stables Eatery (Spoiler: A client of ours won the ladies division, and we’re so proud). At the ceremony, the winemakers shared their wine with everyone, which was great! 

For more on VSC 2018, keep an eye out on my blog as well as VSC’s social media:

Wine and chill

Braai time
The Nice Touchers braaiing. Photo: Kelly

When we weren’t on the beach or exploring the town’s quaint shops and cafes, we spent time together bonding around the fire.

At House Nice Touch, we had a braai every evening, enjoying gin and wine together while chatting about everything and nothing.

It was so special to me to get to know my colleagues and their partners better: 

  • Our managing director Helgard and his kind-hearted wife, Suzanne;
  • Managing director Hennie and his surfer-artist wife, Yolanda;
  • Theo-Donald, our highly experienced video producer;
  • Our talented photographer Kelly and her husband Shaun.

We learnt about each other’s music tastes (we listened to everything from Cat Stevens to Goldfish). We shared stories about our pasts, including those crazy partying stories. The married couples told us how they met. Yolanda told me how her daughter loves languages (which excited me greatly). We talked about the future.

Etc, etc…

Family time

My beautiful family. Photo: Kelly/Memwa Photography

Another highlight of the weekend was celebrating my dear mother’s 50th birthday on Saturday. 

We started off the day by having coffee with our aunt at Matchbox, Still Bay’s very own treasure chest. We enjoyed some girl talk and we browsed through the shop’s interesting gifts and clothing.

After that, we had my mom’s birthday party: A picnic next to the river, complete with a candy-themed birthday cake and a spread of snacks. And wine. Never forget the wine.

My mom’s candy birthday cake, created by my sister. Photo: Myself

Family photoshoot

Late afternoon, we had a family photoshoot with Kelly at the beach in the tranquil Skulpiesbaai Nature Reserve.

Although the hour-long photoshoot was slightly awkward, as photoshoots tend to be, you know, we had great fun!

The scenery made for a breathtaking backdrop. And the lighting was perfect (well, that’s what Kelly said. And she knows what she’s talking about).

The sunset over Skulpiesbaai. Photo: Myself

If you’d like to have a look at Kelly’s work, do visit her Facebook page, Memwa Photography or her website: memwaphotography.co.za

Last words

All in all, I truly had the best weekend! I am deeply grateful to have all these special people in my life; people who make laugh, live, and grow. 

Here’s to many more adventures!

Want to know more about Still Bay? You’re in luck, cos my Still Bay travel guide which is coming real soon.

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  1. Elza Thiart-Botes

    Thank you for this blog about your visit to Stilbaai!
    We’re glad you liked it and hope to see you again soon.

    1. Jeanine Malan

      Such a pleasure. I’ll be back for the December holidays!

  2. Matty-Lize

    I loved reading your blog, Jeanine! Lots of happy moments – loving life and the people in it. Keep it up!

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