Brain Food for Better Performance

Your everyday diet has a huge impact on your life. Eating the right brain food can make you feel better and improve your performance (whether it’s work, studies or school). Eating the wrong food, on the other hand, can keep you from performing optimally. 

The right diet can improve our performance, natural health expert Michael van Straten confirms. Following the right diet will supply you with a steady flow of energy and keep your brain sharp.

Here are some tips for eating smarter:

Vitamins and minerals are key

Meeting your daily dietary requirements will help you to do your best. Iron and B vitamins provide the necessary mental and physical energy. Iron-rich foods include red meat, cereals and spinach. Vitamin B can be found in whole grains, eggs and nuts.

Eat regularly

Van Straten recommends eating every three hours. This keeps nutrient and energy levels more stable. It also decreases cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Moreover, eat a balanced breakfast daily. High protein foods are great for lunch as they stimulate the brain.

Cut sugar

Sugar gives you a short-term boost, followed by a sudden drop in blood sugar. This causes interferences in concentration, memory and performance. Our sugar intake should come from unrefined starches like whole grains and beans. These provide a slow release of energy to keep our blood sugar level steady.

Fruit & veggies

Fruit provides the body with clean energy. Antioxidants and other nutrients can also be found in fruit. Top snacking fruits are berries (especially blueberries), apples, bananas and avocados.

When it comes to vegetables, the golden rule is: the darker the colour, the higher the concentration of nutrients.

Stay hydrated

Water is the smartest choice, of course. But if you really don’t like drinking water, fruit juice and tea (especially green tea) are good alternatives. Limit coffee, however: too much caffeine can make you jittery.

Get fishy

Seafood is the perfect brain food. Oily fish, like salmon and sardines, are among the healthiest seafood, since it is rich in protein and omega 3 (which keeps the brain working well).

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