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Locally Made Furniture Brand: Palmy Living

The goal for the husband-and-wife team behind the locally made furniture design brand Palmy Living is not only to create functional legacy pieces that help a home operate better, but also collector’s items that provide an escape from the rush of the everyday.

“Palmy Living started as a passion project,” explains Cara-Ann Potgieter, Co-owner and Head of Creative, “borne from our own needs as new homeowners and new parents, and out of our own frustrations as consumers.”

While preparing for their first child in 2018, Cara-Ann and husband Johann, an engineer by training, grew despondent about what was available and disappointed in how their initial “investment” furniture was ageing.

They were driven to create a few core furniture items for themselves, which were both beautiful and functional. Encouraged by the results and their friends’ enthusiasm, they began producing custom pieces. They decided to produce their pieces under the brand Palmy Living, a name chosen for the alternate meaning of “palmy”: flourishing and successful.

Their furniture collection features predominantly white, black and silk-grey powder-coated steel with wooden finishes in oak and beech.

Photo: Jenni Elizabeth

Available Online

In March 2020, Palmy Living launched its first online collection. “We wanted to focus on functional design and create pieces that make a statement, while still allowing for someone to curate their own unique space. We try to keep our style clean, yet warm,” says Cara-Ann.

Locally Made Furniture

The brand HQ is in Somerset West and the couple outsources what Johann doesn’t do himself to specialists in the area. “We’ve sourced local artisans and manufacturers who can help us bring these pieces to life. Johann builds most of our furniture.”

In addition, they construct their furniture with local materials as far as possible.

Photo: Jenny Elizabeth

Plans for the Future

In future, Cara-Ann and Johann plan on growing and hopefully exporting their range of furniture.

They also offer a custom service upon request and are developing Petit Palmy, a modern children’s furniture line, which will be launching in 2021.

Follow Palmy Living on Instagram (@palmyliving) and browse the range at

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