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True Love Story: Love at First Sight

In the first post of my True Love Story series, I am sharing a story that a very happy woman told me a few years ago. I hope the story will motivate you to believe in love, just like it inspired me.

Once upon a time

Elle thought she had it all: A great social life, her knight in shining armor (or her soldier in shining navy uniform, to be more precise), freedom, and a steady job as a secretary at a car dealership.

She had recently graduated from high school and she was living with her sexy boyfriend, Darren, in a small flat near the beach. Being with Darren was not always easy, but she was happy. That was what she told everyone who asked, at least. No one had to know about his outrages, his perfectionism – it was her problem, after all.

One evening at dinner, Darren dropped the bomb that shattered Elle’s life as she knew it. He was being deported. He had to leave for Durban (about 20 hours’ drive away) in one week. Elle and Darren fought about the deportation for days and days. Would she go with him? Would she stay? Soon, it was resolved.

She stayed. He left. They broke up.

Elle’s days passed in a blur of tears. She made the decision to use her newly single status as a chance to ‘find herself’.

She eventually confided in Jaryd, the manager of the dealership where she worked. They had been friends for a long time and he was the only person who knew about Darren’s abuse. Before she knew it, she was spending all her spare time with him. Naturally – Elle being a vulnerable, attractive girl of 19 and Jaryd being a single man – they developed feelings for each other.

They had a short fling that ended with a slap-bang: Darren came back a week later and marched over to the dealership to expose Jaryd for the sly fox he was. Jay was dating the owner’s daughter, something he conveniently forgot to tell Elle. Darren confronted Jaryd and punched him.

Elle quit her job the very same day and broke off all contact with Darren and Jaryd.


Elle felt lost.

She had no job, no boyfriend, and no purpose in life.

In order to ‘find herself’, she knew she had to find a job, at least. After looking around for a few days, she got a bartending job at a local pub. It was not an ideal position, but it was something.

On her first day on the job, Elle was feeling very low. She walked in and saw mostly old men sitting around. It seemed perfect, as there were no guys there to get in the way of her journey of finding herself.

Everything went well: Customers were friendly, there was no drama and she managed to do the work well.

Love at first sight

But one night, she smelt a change in the atmosphere.

She looked in the direction of the entrance and she saw him: A tall man with the most stunning blue eyes she has ever seen. He looked at her. She was never one for clichés, but she was sure that this was it – love at first sight.

He walked to the bar, accompanied by an elderly man, and sat down. He and the elderly man introduced themselves to Elle. His name was Ryan. They talked all night, and at the end of the night, he asked her whether she had a boyfriend and whether he could go on a date with her.

The next day, Ryan sat down and chatted with Elle while she worked. He waited until the end of her shift and then he took her to a restaurant at the beach. They talked non stop, never running out of things to talk about.

Later, he showed her an airplane ticket. He told her that he had gotten a good job in England and that he had to leave the upcoming Friday.

Although she was disappointed, she told him that he absolutely had to go; it was an amazing opportunity.

He told her that he had a reason to stay.

During the week, Ryan and Elle often met up. They made each other happy. Neither of them mentioned England again. Friday came and went. On Saturday Ryan texted Elle to tell her that he did not leave. Elle felt the happiest that she had felt in a very long time.

They met up again that same day and Ryan asked Elle to move in with him. She accepted his offer, obviously.

Happily ever after

Two years later, they got married. Five years later, they are still happily married with an adorable young daughter, Mia.

And she has her own business that gives her enough free time to raise her little girl.

I can stand as a witness for this story because Elle told it to me herself.

I challenge you to believe you will find your own happily ever after some day.

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