My Bucket List

As you most probably know, a bucket list is a list of things you still want to do before you “kick the bucket”. Creating a bucket list is a good way to make your future seem more exciting. In this post, I share my own bucket list, hoping it will inspire you to create your own one.


Swim with dolphins (my spirit animal) and manatees.

Get married and go on an exotic honeymoon.

Ride a jetski.

Do a couple photo shoot (with my future boyfriend, since I’m single).

See Ed Sheeran in concert live.

Go snow skiing.

Find a pearl in an oyster.

Get a tattoo.

Go to a yoga retreat.

Attend a film premiere.

Feed a koala bear.

Go to a Kirstenbosch Summer Concert.

Hold a monkey.

Play paintball.

Release baby turtles into the ocean.

Own Tiffany jewellery.

Attend a high school reunion.

Take a mud bath.


Step foot on all seven continents.

See the Northern Lights.

Go to Kenya.

Eat pizza in Italy.

Go island hopping in Greece.

Swim/dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Vacation in France (even if it’s just Paris).

Visit Thailand.

Experience Madagascar’s wildlife.

Attend Coachella.

Sleep in a castle.

Stand under the Hollywood sign.

See the pyramids.

Go to Japan.

Visit the Hobbit House in New Zealand.

Stay in an underwater hotel.

Learn the hula in Hawaii.

Visit Anne Frank’s house.

Tour the White House.


Be able to speak five languages (I can speak 3 and a half already. Getting there!).

Get paid to travel.

Become a good cook.

Write a (successful) book.

Learn to fence.

Take a photography course.

Own a house (or apartment).

Learn to play the piano.

Be a maid of honour.

Make a candle.

Learn how to use Photoshop properly.

To find out about my past adventures and accomplishments, read this: My Reverse Bucket List.

What’s on your bucket list? I encourage you to share the things you still want to experience in the comment section below.

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