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Quick Guide: Relationship DOs and DON’Ts

No relationship is perfect. But if you work hard enough, your relationship can be strong and healthy. I present you with some relationship do’s and don’t’s which I have learned throughout my adolescent life.

Disclaimer: Do not rely on your boyfriend or girlfriend for happiness. 

“Your significant other should be a happy enhancer. You should already be happy with yourself and then when you’re with them they should make you even happier.” – Juicy Jas


Love each other unconditionally

This is the most important part of a romantic relationship. You have to love each other deeply regardless of the fights, the past, tiny pet peeves…

By loving each other unconditionally, your relationship will keep on growing and you’ll build trust.

Tell each other everything

Communication is everything. Communicating via text messages is great, but it’s much more important to talk face to face.

Tell your partner about things that make you smile and things that make you sad. Share your fears, dreams, insecurities and embarrassing experiences with each other.

Furthermore, keep on reassuring each other. Tell your partner that you love them as often as possible. Give each other compliments: tell each other “you look good today”, praise each other’s victories (even if they’re small), appreciate each other’s efforts, and so on.

Make an effort to understand your partner’s world

Sometimes it may feel like you and your partner are worlds apart, especially if your backgrounds, upbringing, and cultures differ significantly.

It’s vital to get to know your partner’s world. You can do this by listening to each other. Get to know your their family and friends and build relationships with them.


Repeat after me: My relationship is not all about me.

There’s another person with interests and values that may differ from yours. Respect these differences by sacrificing your own interests now and then. Learn to say yes instead of arguing.

Be romantic

This tends to get difficult for couples that have been together a long time. Nonetheless, partners shouldn’t get complacent – they should keep on making each other feel special and wanted.

Don’t take your partner for granted.

Keep the romance alive by surprising your partner with romantic, thoughtful acts. This can be as simple as leaving a love note on the door, or as big as cooking a fancy three-course meal.


Be overly possessive

It’s important to give each other freedom. As much as you love each other, there will be times when you might need space. Even if it’s just two days.

Sometimes you need to spend time with friends separately, or just have some quality me-time. It’s important for the two of you to have lives apart as well.

Besides, if you constantly have the same routine, you won’t see forward to seeing that person anymore.

Badmouth your partner

Never gossip about your partner behind their back. Be loyal to your partner by rather standing up for them when you’re apart.

Instead of gossiping, talk to your partner directly about what’s bothering you. Communication is key, right?

Be pushy

Never push your partner to do something they don’t want to do. If it’s a no, it’s a no. Full stop.

Instead of being sour about the no, rather talk to your partner to determine why they said no. This is another good way to get to know each other.

Argue (unnecessarily)

Sure, there are going to be some things worth fighting for. But the smartest people know when to fight and when to just agree to something. Once again: compromise.

Do anything to betray your partner’s trust in you

It is very important to keep building trust. Do everything in your power to prevent trust from being broken down.

Make your significant other feel secure in your relationship. Some practical tips: Don’t hide things from each other (even if the truth might hurt). Don’t put each other down. If your partner told you something in confidence, don’t use it against them in a fight.

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