Restaurant Review: Fred & Max

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Fred & Max Eatery is a casual restaurant in Somerset West with a trendy aesthetic. This venue has a welcoming appearance, from the storefront with its large glass windows to its minimalist interior combining modernity with vintage touches. Fred & Max is an ideal spot for foodies and coffee snobs alike.

I had dinner with a group of friends at Fred & Max, one of my all-time favourite restaurants, on Thursday evening. As always, it was quite full, the clients mostly consisting of young adults having dinner or drinks with friends or dates.


Upon arriving, the owner, Jurgen, greeted all of us personally, making us feel welcome right from the start. Fred & Max’s waiters are all friendly, helpful and attentive. Our waiter, Austin, also had a great sense of humour, which added to the appeal.

In addition, the service was surprisingly quick. Even though the restaurant was bustling, I probably only waited about 15 minutes for my food.


The bistro serving quality contemporary cuisine may have a relatively small selection of food, but there is something for everyone: appetizers (including chilli poppers and calamari), salads, gourmet burgers, and sweets.

As for the drinks, Fred & Max offers a selection of coffees, milkshakes, raw juices, and alcoholic drinks, from wine to craft beer to cocktails.

On Thursday, I opted for The Young & Brave burger.

(When I ordered, our waiter asked,

“Are you young?”

“Yes I am.”

“Are you brave?”

“I think so…”)

The burger consisted of a fresh bun and a delicious, crunchy nacho-encrusted chicken fillet patty with mature cheddar and mango-peppadew salsa on top of it. Mango and peppadew salsa? Seriously? You might be thinking, but I assure you that it tastes great, as strange as it sounds.

The burgers are served along with french fries, onion rings and sweet potato wedges.

In addition, the menu includes vegetarian options. The vegetarians have two burgers to choose from, namely Shroom Supreme and Superman Time (with deep-fried quinoa and basil pesto). Then there are the salads, such as the Prosciutto Green Fig Salad – just ask for them to be made without meat.

Some tips:

  • If you’re planning to eat here, go on Wednesdays for their burger special: buy any 2 burgers for R150.
  • On Thursdays, customers get 30% off all burgers with beef patties.
  • Try the Plain Jane Burger at R75. Let the patty speak for itself.
Photo: TripAdvisor


Fred & Max has a great vibe due to the friendliness of the staff and the cosy interior. The restaurant is reminiscent of the old-world, European sidewalk bistro – sophisticated, sincere, and charming. The decor is unique and crafty, consisting mostly of lovely indoor plants as well as light bulbs that add to the cosiness when switched on in the evenings.

On Friday evenings, the restaurant is especially lively. They host their Vinyl Nights on which they play old school music, and on some Friday nights, there is live music.

What’s the best restaurant you’ve visited recently? Tell me about your experience, I’d love to hear about it.

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