The Power of Mind over Matter, etc.

Did you know that you’re capable of changing the way your brain functions physically? Dr Caroline Leaf, a world-renowned Christian cognitive neuroscientist, claims that we truly possess the power of mind over matter.

Dr Caroline Leaf

I go to Hillsong Church Somerset West, and this morning I was pleasantly surprised by Dr Leaf’s insightful message, a combination of spirituality and science.

Mind over Matter

Dr Caroline Leaf started out by explaining that our three core actions are “thinking, feeling and choosing”. And these are the powerful factors that can change our lives for the better.

So, basically, we humans are made up of part physical and part non-physical. She claimed that the non-physical makes up 90-99% of who you are (and she has scientific evidence to back that up, of course, but I’m not going to go into that).

Therefore, “you have power over the physical“.

Furthermore, Dr Leaf explained that we are designed to think, feel and choose well. But we don’t always do this, resulting in a toxic lifestyle.

The world treats us like we are machines, convincing us that our brains create our minds. Consequently, we end up locking ourselves into labels like ‘anxiety’, ‘depression’ and more.

Connect the Disconnect

Basically, there’s this disconnect between our minds and our brains.

“This disconnect needs to be bridged,” she said.

The trick, moreover, is to live with the awareness that you have the power of mind over matter within you – every moment you’re alive, you are creating matter, creating your next reality.

Renew Your Mind

The key to taking control of your physical matter is living a lifestyle of the renewed mind.

You have to switch your mind on, realising that your thoughts control your DNA. It’s up to you to manage to your thoughts, feelings and choices.

You must capture your thoughts every ten seconds, according to Dr Leaf.

“If you deliberately and intentionally control your thoughts,” she said, “you can change your brain.”

Yes, you heard me: YOU can change your brain.

“When you think and renew your mind, you are actually changing the physical structures in your brain. You are redesigning the landscape of your brain and you’re changing your body.”

Dr Caroline Leaf (2015)

As you think, as you choose, you are. “You create your next reality,” as Dr Leaf says.

This is why it is super important to manage your mind. Because, the thing is, if you don’t manage your mind properly, you abuse it. You simply can’t function optimally, and the result is a brain filled with toxicity.

“Research shows that 75-98% of all mental, physical, and behavioural illness is caused by our thoughts,” she explained in illustration. Crazy, isn’t it?

(A good way to control your mind effectively is by being mindful. To find out more about mindfulness, read my article How to Live a Life of Mindfulness.)

Love & Relationships

She went on by saying that love is the core of consciousness. We are wired for love.

We’re meant to impact each other, and we really do. Although we often impact each other in negative ways, we also impact each other in positive ways. And that’s what truly matters.

The best way to impact each other is through love. By loving each other, we can truly make the world a better place. You can change the world.

Love the world by “generating love energy”, as Dr Leaf likes to say.

As human beings, we are designed for relationships. Not only romantic relationships but also in the context of family and friendship.

Dr Caroline breaks down relationships into the three Cs of relationships:

We are designed to…

  • Complete each other; not compete with each other
  • Be Compatible
  • Complement each other

She explains complete as follows: “In the generosity of giving, there’s a completeness that arises, as opposed to a getting from each other.”

We’re not supposed to demand things from each other; we’re supposed to give freely.

Secondly, she claims that “humans are compatible“, whether it be male and female, male and male, or female and female.

“We are designed to get along with each other.”

With complement, she suggests that people are meant to contribute to each other. We help each other grow by supporting each other in love and patience.

If you’d like to engage more deeply with the work of the brilliant Dr Caroline Leaf, connect with her by visiting her website or her YouTube channel. I know I will!

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