10 Top Blogging Tips for Newbies

As a new blogger myself, I’ve learnt a lot during the last few months. In this post, I’m sharing the blogging tips online friends have given me throughout my journey. If you’re a new blogger (or someone who’s considering getting into blogging), I hope that you’ll learn something useful, just as I did.

1. Post daily

Although I’m not achieving this 100%, I absolutely agree that it’s a good idea. It shows your readers that you’re consistent.

2. Post every blog on all your social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus…

3. Ask friends to share your content

As a new blogger, you need all the help you can get. So ask your friends to share your posts on social media; Facebook is usually the best bet if you want to choose one.

4. Try to post hot topics

Make sure that the things you blog about are relevant (e.g. “blogging tips” is relevant, since so many people start blogs these days). You can find out what’s hot by doing research: What are other bloggers writing about? What are social media users enjoying the most at the moment?

5. Treat all your social media platforms as a business

Your social media platforms form part of your business now; they’re not a catch-up platforms anymore. This means, for example, don’t make offensive comments on Facebook posts that might get you in trouble. When posting on social media, make sure that your posts are in line with your blog’s brand.

6. Interact with other bigger bloggers in your field

When doing your research, find other bloggers with who you can interact. Ask them to shout you out on their own blogs (maybe even consider paying them).

7. Don’t put ads on your website until it’s bigger

Ads can be quite a big risk. If you want to go this route, take calculated risks. To begin with, do proper research on social media marketing and advertising and how it works. Then decide whether it would be worth it to spend so much effort on managing ads on your blog. Remember to consider your readers: Would they respond positively to ads on your blog?

8. Direct traffic from every possible direction

Use YouTube and Instagram Live to promote your blog. Here are some simple video ideas:

  • Vlog on holidays and road trips
  • Showcase coffee shops you visit
  • Conduct interviews

9. Use attractive, high-quality images

Add at least one image to every blog post. Be sure that the photos are aesthetically attractive.

(For some reason, people really like the colour blue in photos – blue always gets more likes, especially on Instagram.)

If you’re not a photographer, however, worry not. There are many websites that supply free stock photos for you to use on your blog, such as Unsplash, Pixabay, Stocksnap and Pexels.

10. Take negative & turn it into positive

We all know that the world is full of negativity. Your challenge is to make put a positive spin on all the negativity, and if you succeed, your readers will want to read your blog often so that they can feel better about the world. You have the chance to change lives, even if it’s just in tiny ways.

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