True Love Story: Tobie and Kotie

The following love story is the true story of Tobie and Kotie, my grandparents, and how they met. My grandfather once told the special story to us at a family lunch late in his life – a story he hadn’t even told his own children up to that point. I share the story with you, hoping that your faith in forever love will be restored, as mine was.

Meeting by chance

Tobie was playing golf with friends at the Margate Country Club. It was the December holidays, and he was making the most of his last holiday as a bachelor.

His fiancé, Laura, was spending the holiday with her own family. Honestly, it was a relief to spend some time away from her. Lately, he was feeling increasingly uneasy about the relationship. Laura appeared to be the ideal wife for him, but it felt like there was something missing. He just didn’t know what. It certainly didn’t feel like she was ‘the one’, although he didn’t really believe in such things.

As he was leaving the course after the golf game, Tobie passed a group of three girls. But one stood out above all.

She had short, curly black hair. Her face looked warm and her dark brown eyes soft. She moved with a subtle grace, smiling genuinely as she listened to her friend talking.

Tobie walked up to the girls and introduced himself to them heartily. The black-haired girl was called Kotie.

“Kotie,” Tobie said after exchanging the expected pleasantries, “Would you like to take a walk with me?”

Kotie blushed and turned to her friends. Smiling conspiratorially, they nodded and as one said, “We’ll see you later.”

Tobie and Kotie strolled on the path that went around the golf course. Conversation came easily and towards the end of the walk, Tobie asked Kotie for her address so that he could write to her. They greeted each other and returned to their friends, knowing in their hearts that the courses of their lives had been changed forever.

Lives changed

Over the following few weeks, they wrote each over several letters a week. The letters became deeper, just as their connection became deeper and more real.

Within no time, Tobie broke off his engagement to Laura. Although he broke her heart, he knew it was for the best. His heart no longer belonged to her, but to someone else infinitely more special to him. Someone who he was convinced was truly ‘the one’, the person with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

Soon after breaking up with Laura, Tobie visited Kotie and met her family. Her family was crazy about him from the start and knew that he would take good care of her.

He visited her frequently after that. Within mere months of their first meeting, Tobie asked for Kotie’s hand in marriage.

They got married and, in time, had four children, including my warm-hearted, cheerful mother. Tobie and Kotie stayed together, loving each other unconditionally, till death parted them.

End of may, it will be a year since a series of strokes took my grandfather’s life. He fought until the very end, and my grandmother held his hand all the way.

In loving memory of my grandfather, Tobie.

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